PV GAS sponsors for Vietnam’s No.1 tennis player Ly Hoang Nam

06/04/2021    4.6/5 trong 5 lượt 
PV GAS sponsors for Vietnam’s No.1 tennis player Ly Hoang Nam
With outstanding achievements in both domestic and international tours, tennis player Ly Hoang Nam has been chosen by Vietnam Gas Corporation to support and sponsor. In 2020 and 2021, especially at the 31st SEA Games held in Bac Ninh at the end of the year, PV Gas will continue to stand side by side with the number 1 player in Vietnam to reap new achievements on the career path.

For more than 30 years of construction and development, PV GAS has always been at the top of the most prestigious listed companies in Vietnam with a high reputation in the most important criteria such as financial resources, total revenue and profit after tax. PV GAS is evaluated in particular for its development potential, good stock growth, and impact on Vietnam's stock market; PV GAS usually participates in social security programs across the country, with annual funding reaching 100 billion VND. PV GAS has become the exclusive sponsor of the National Football Super Cup for many consecutive years, the exclusive sponsor of the National Volleyball Championship, supporting the most outstanding activities of the national sport events. For Vietnam Tennis Federation (VTF), PV GAS is the advertising agency accompanying all national and international tennis tournaments hosted by VTF.

Accompanying with Vietnam Tennis Federation and athlete Ly Hoang Nam, PV GAS believes that the tournaments organized by VTF with high quality and expertise, contribute to building and developing tennis to become an attractive sport. PV GAS brand name also become more and more familiar to everyone.

To reach the current heights, Ly Hoang Nam has had to go through a hard journey. Began to get acquainted with the racket and tennis ball from the age of 7, Hoang Nam received absolute support from his family. At the age of 9, Mr. Ly Viet Hoang - Ly Hoang Nam’s Father took him to Binh Duong to practice tennis. In the following years, Ly Hoang Nam continued to affirm the talent of a prodigy who won the U10 championship in Nha Trang at the age of 9, U14 champions at 12 years old, U16 championship at 14 years old, national championship at 15 years old. He was also the first Vietnamese tennis player to claim a Grand Slam tennis tournament, when he won the Boy's Doubles championship at Wimbledon tennis in 2015. Until November 12, 2018, Ly Hoang Nam created the most memorable milestone in his career when he reach to 385 ATP singles ranking. This is the highest achievement that Vietnamese players have ever achieved. Currently, Ly Hoang Nam is in the top 700 of the world men's professional tennis ranking.

In 2019, the historic tennis gold medal at SEA Games 30 that Ly Hoang Nam brought to the Vietnamese sports delegation after 52 years of waiting. Ly Hoang Nam determined to win the gold medal at SEA Games 31 held at the end of this year in Vietnam, he also strives to achieve high results in tournaments to accumulate points and return to the Top 400 and participate in the ATP Challenger Tour's high-level tournaments as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is pushed back.

In the beginning of 2021, at the VTF Masters 500 – 1 – Hai Dang Cup 2021 held in Tay Ninh, Ly Hoang Nam also once again affirmed the number 1 position in Vietnam with a double championship men's singles and men's doubles. This is the highest level tournament of the Vietnam Tennis Federation with a total prize value of up to 500 million VND.

According to the organizers, in this tournament, in addition to giving the athletes the opportunity to compete with each other, through the tournament, VTF will continue to select athletes with good results into Vietnam Tennis Tel to prepare for SEA Games 31 will be held on November 2021 in Bac Ninh